app starting itself on startup

So, if you shut down or restart your PC with Chrome running, it’ll launch itself right where you left off on startup with Windows 10. I know this is a normal feature of browsers.

Somehow, though, Battlenet seems to have also picked up this behavior. If I don’t right-click and pick “exit” before shutting down, Battlenet will turn on on startup. I don’t have the startup feature activated, so it’s not supposed to be doing this.

Has anyone (who doesn’t have it launch on startup) had this issue as well?


Also having this problem. Seems to have just started a day or two ago for me.

Same. With in the last few days this has started being a problem. I’ve also got it where it shouldn’t start up in the settings.

Same issue. BattleNet app is not in any auto-starting locations. But starts every time I turn my PC on.

If you are using Windows 10 it is not actually a browser feature but a feature of Windows 10.

Back in the creators update through to some newer options there were steps to follow to disable this which do not appear to be present in my version of 1909.

How to geek has an article on how to stop windows 10 from reopening your previous applications after restarting your PC.