App removes "tmp" folders from AddOns folder

I’m a developer of addons, using SVN as my versioning utility. I’ve noticed that the Battle Net app periodically removes my Interface\Addons\whatever\.svn\tmp folders, regardless of their contents. Why on Earth would it need to do that?


That is blizzard agent? I thought there were issues with svn client, and spent days trying to work around it.
I echo the sentiment: Why does it do that? Leave interface\addons alone.

i have a related problem: the desktop app is simply deleting NTFS Junctions to my Addons and SavedVariables folders (that are backed up on Dropbox)

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Can confirm. Links are deleted and empty folders created in their place.

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Yup, ProcMon showed Agent.exe removing the .svn\tmp folder specifically.

Apparently, Agent.exe is also removing NTFS junctions from the AddOns folder.

I have created a Windows Scheduled Task that use the FileSystemWatcher Class to monitor for WoW Updates and executes your own PowerShell code when a change is found.
Can be found on GitHub. Import the XML into Task Scheduler and save the ps1 file to C:\Scripts.
The code I have chosen to execute in my local version immediately recreates all my symlinks when an update is detected, thought I have not uploaded this.

Sadly, this is still an issue.

I just wanted to let you guys know that we’re aware of this bug. The behavior is not intended and we’re planning on fixing it after Blizzcon


Great to hear, this should also fix Desktop app is destroying NTFS Junctions then, right?

Are there any updates on this topic?

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@Vexis - Any chance of an update on this? It’s still happening 3 months later. BattleNet agent deleting what are essentially userspace files and junctions/symlinks is not good enough.

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