App for M1 Mac

I play WoW on my M1 Mac Mini.
WoW has been made native to M1 Macs

Will Blizzard release an M1 Mac version of the App?


Big +1. I would really like to play games without installing rosetta.


Agreed would be wonderful to have!

Totally agree. I really don’t like rosetta, any update news about this Topic?

i dont think so. there arent enough people playing on Mac. sad!

+1 from me as well - BNet is the only non-m1 app on my MBP now.
But, I guess it is never going to happen - Blizzard seems to be abandoning MacOS (no D4 etc) :frowning:

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I can’t install Rosetta for work reasons, and I can no longer play as I can not update the game even though the game works there is no way to update it. I wish they had a beta or alpha even, even if it’s trashy so I could still update at least. has lots of parts, I assume the agent being the show stopper as it has enough issues on x64 variant already, but I’m still hopeful. Just wish there was news at least.

Another month and still no update :frowning:

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Come on… show any sign of life. After the announcement of D4 do not come to Mac i begin to think this decline from Blizzard to Activision to Microsoft finally reaches its bottom.

I haven’t played blizzard in a year due to this.

sadly same after over a decade of paying I can no longer play even if I wanted to.