app [feedback]

Just wanting to drop some feedback on the app. The location of the authenticator should be easier to find and access.
I typically get a push notification for authentication maybe 20% of the time. Finding the authenticator can be confusing in the app. Logically you would one it to be featured right on the splash page of the app with a single click to access.

Currently you have to click on your profile name/picture then search for it in a drop down menu and click the authenticator. After that it typically doesnt register that you’re logging into a game so you have an additional click to get it to show the needed code.

I TOTALLY agree with you regarding the authenticator should be on the splash page of the app. My friend told me to swipe from left to right on the friends list page to see the Authenticator… I was NEVER going to be able to find it myself.

I have been using the new Battlenet app for 9-10 months but using the old Authenticator most of the time. I tried to log into an associated game feature Jan 1st 2024 and could not access the app at all on my phone because the screen was backlit black. Google-ing the problem told me I had to clear the cache of the internet browser? But my cache was not full. Blizzard GM said I had to take my authenticator off, provide a page of information proving it was me, then reinstall the authenticator on my phone. It took me a week to track down all the requested information then 4 hrs to go through the verification of email loops to install the app and get the Authenticator to be attached. Compared to the ease of the first phone Authenticator the Battlenet app is a user fail for east of use (for me at least).