app Beta not work properly!

I no longer know how often or how many times I have reported a problem to support about problems with the application. Slowdowns, Warcraft and other updates take hours, lags in the game, freezes, crashes that normally never - NEVER! - never happen with my hardware and connection. I’ve tested it many times and verified it in many ways, I’m a programmer and IT specialist so the putty pushed by amateur support doesn’t work. Even clearly showing that the game starts outside the startup application in a half of a second and from the application takes up to 10 minutes does not help! The starter is badly written, has hundreds of errors and no one checks it (Beta but under typing this message trying back to normal). Now I have to make another update and again I wait more than 30 minutes even there is no information only Initializing! This is already pathetic, not even funny! Good thing this is my last expansion after 18+ years of playing Wow non-stop! Never again, forgive Blizzard but your products, involvement and support does not deserve any more attention. The market has beaten you not with quality and ideas but with reliability!

I’m trying to switch to the normal version from Beta and I’m waiting again - it’s been like 15 minutes and nothing!!! 0%!!! 400 mbit guaranteed bandwidth both ways (I work for Amazon so we have a lot of requirements for quality!). Hardware very professional MacBook Pro M1 with the proper requirements (works in IT, graphics, animation and programming including Unity so you know what requirements it has). There are never any slowdowns or delays here, with the ability to perform several very important and complex activities at the same time. Only your app fails, only with the app there are problems and the player is disgusting from installing your products. This is already extremely irritating!
Disappointed player!

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