Battle,net Acount Hacked

Hi sudden from today I caanot login in my battle net and when I tried to reset the password it says account not found, Then tried with my phone number and also says the same. Upon checking my email someone hacked my email and took the access of my battlenet account and deleted my email and phone number from there.
I opened a support ticket. I had to open a new account to post it here and open a ticket. How is dis posible to remove my phone number etc without no confirmation on my end ?

It does require confirmation on your end via phone text and/or email. In order to remove that, someone needs to have access to your email - the most likely option, your devices, and/or access to a LOT of personal information. If they have enough info to “prove” they are the legit account holder matching the name on the account account they can submit a ticket to get those things removed or changed.

Make sure your PC or device you are using is scanned for malware and viruses. Even malwarebytes free is a huge help. Then make sure your new email account has secondary authentication setup on it so that you don’t have them in your new account.

When Blizzard replies, make sure to reply by TICKET, not email. If you have to open a new ticket, reference the first ticket number at the start so the GM can follow your communications trail.

Last, when you get this cleaned up, you will want a new email that you use for NOTHING else, that you have secondary Auth set up on. Gmail works well for that. Have Blizzard assign your recovered Bnet account to that new email.

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Hi thanks for the answer, the problem is my Gmail account is ok no one else access it the mail’s from saying that I changed the mail password etc not even opened, and my PC is secure I have antivirus software installed with full license and the best one no viruses I even bought the malwarebytes and no problems detected, I will wait for the support team to answer .

Im fearin some bad is about too happen to mine aswell…some weeks ago when i loggged into my acount it suden jumped past the confirmation screen, then i was told the authenticator was beein replaysed. Dont know if anyone else have had this problem. But its a sirrious consern


That might be something totally different…

On 5 Jan 2024, support for the Battle.Net authenticator ended… see this post (on the Europe forums – don’t know if this was posted on the forums here):

Best of luck in your games !

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