Battlenet Account deleted - hacked, question how

Dear all,

have battlenet account since many years and I played some Hearthstone then switched to WoW Classic sine July this year and I really enjoyed it - till today that is. For the last month or two I’ve been getting ingame messages from “GM” there is suspicious activity on my account and I should login to blizzard site which I did and that was the end of it every time. Haven’t done anything suspicious ingame except sending like 100 gold to my alt which may seem suspicious for some reason.
Today was playing and received same message from “GM” and got immediately kicked out of game. Went to relog says battlenet account does not exist. Tried pretty much every possible option to log back in kept saying account does not exist. Went to check the mail and what I see is 3 consecutive emails from blizzard. First one says that the mail attached to my account was changed, second says that I have activated blizzard authenticator (I have authenticator and SMS protection activated since months) and third one saying mobile number for SMS notifications is disabled. Immediately raised a ticket to blizzard explaining the situation which also is not that trivial if you don’t have active account but thats another topic in itself.
So as I see it the following two scenarios are possible in this case;

  1. Someone locally “hacked” my PC and did the job - 98% probability
    What is interesting is I didn’t notice any strange activity on email because I’m pretty sure you need some control over the email attached to the account to do this maneuver. Friend saw me logging in and out few times when it all occurred which was not done by me so I guess was done by person doing the intrusion

  2. Blizzard done it by accident - 2% probability
    There have been reported cases of such things occurring by accident. By the looks of it I highly doubt this is the case here

  3. I got banned - 0…1% probability
    If ban occurred I doubt Blizzard would delete your entire battlenet account, specially without notifying you prior to doing that

Bottom line, whatever Blizzard protection you have it will not save you if someone locally breaches your PC and does this kind of thing. I did not receive any notification on the authenticator or via SMS. Can’t see this kind of thing feasible completely remotely, then again in today’s days maybe it can be done.

Anyway my hopes lie in Blizzards hands and their reaction to my ticket. In these times with everything going on with pandemic this was the only relief, to login; play with IRL and ingame friends, forget about all the chaos at least for a little, and having that taken away from you hurts.

Stay safe people during these mad times!