Battleground Duo

I dunno, I lost like 500 mmr on duo just because he keep crashing and I keep loosing turns, especially the early one are so important, also when u crash u can’t log in on time so u will lose your turn anyway


This forum is for technical support on Blizzard’s Legacy Games — old games such as:

  • Diablo II (2000) and its expansion Lord of Destruction;
  • The games in the Blizzard Arcade Collection such as the Lost Vikings and Rock N Roll Racing;
  • Battle.Net editions of Diablo I, Warcraft: Orcs and Humans & Warcraft: II.

If your game is not in that list, you’re on the wrong forum.

If you don’t know where your forum is, use your favourite search engine and search for it… for example, if your game is Overwatch, search for Overwatch EU forums.

Best of luck with this.