Battle net the application encountered an unexpected error


When trying to log in, no what what I try, uninstalling, clearing temp / appdata etc nothing works and I keep getting the same error… The application encountered an unexpected error… I am in the US and using AT&T LTE for connection.

Not sure if someone can help…

imgur dot com/a/baW46vq


Hey there Myk3,

It looks like the app is having trouble communicating with direct X. I might suggest checking the operating system for updates as well as checking with the graphics card manufacturer for drivers updates. More details on how to do both of those can be found here.


I am having the same error and have updated my drivers and OS system to no avail. Here is my report ID:BCE89C5C-2B48-41F9-B386-3E5F88ED1EA8


Same here. Since the latest update- can’t launch, or game crashes at launch, and cannot install again from the web. It freezes. Win10- updated, latest drivers for my Nvidia card too


Trying to uninstall battle net I get:

This game is running or being used by the Blizzard Battle net desktop app. Either cancel or try uninstalling again when it’s finished. Error code : BLZBNTBTS0000005E

But it is not running

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