streaming removed

Noo :frowning:
Feels more like there’s no money for the servers or data traffic, than that there were so many technical issues. It worked so well, just 1 click and I could stream my game to FB, there’s no replacement for me :frowning:


OBS is pretty good to use and easy to set up.

Since the streaming exist, i never had any problem and i used it almost every game. Okay i have an alienware Area51 and a 300mbps connection, but my wife has a 10 year old computer i3 and still play always fine all games without any issue. Maybe you should put it on the Battlenet Beta at least we know that there is a possibility of crash or bugs, but for people like me which the streaming works fine eversince, it can be a great opportunity to have this feature back on the Beta.
It was very usefull and we (Talking with the voice of some other friends) we loved that feature. Please check to bring it back.

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Same I don’t stream but I like to be able to save videos of cool interactions or things that happened please bring back thx

They probably removed it because it was literal garbage. Ton’s of people had issues streaming to facebook and it wasn’t fixed for months and i dont think it ever even was fixed. So they decided it’s better they just get rid of it then keep it there and make themselves look bad

That’s a great idea! Or just make it opt-in with a warning it may not work for everyone. There’s enough people who use it just fine.

To top it all, they had regular FB streams before the Blizzcon! Feels like some people have the privilege still.