Battle net shows playing COD and I'm not playing

Since the open beta of mw3 was released from October 14 to 16 (which I have not been able to play because of this problem) the cod does not even open, I have the base game of mw2, apart from cold war and vanguard. But I never had this problem before. When I enter the screen stays fixed, it says I have not logged in to any profile and does not advance from there. What’s more, it doesn’t even let me close the game without having to do it from the task manager and forcing the exit. And even if I force the exit, stays in Playing, without even being inside the game. Today when I opened the computer I was already in Playing by default and I have not even opened the game. I need a solution, because yesterday I tried to reinstall the game and everything and it does not enter, and now I can not even uninstall it because it is all the time in “playing” and does not let me do anything and I can not even enter my base game.

Blizzard rarely responds here.

This forum is for reporting bugs on the Battle.Net Desktop App; it is a one-way conversation. You report the bug and then the QA Team will attempt to replicate the issue.

With regards to games made by Activision, such as CoD, Blizzard can provide help with installation / update when the issue lies with the Battle.Net App; see Having Problems with Call of Duty? Read this first! for details.

Was the computer “sleeping / hibernating” before you opened it ? or was it off ? Does Battle.Net start properly if you reboot the computer ?

I think you should move this topic to the Desktop App Tech Support forum so that Blizzard can have a look at it. To move the topic, scroll up to the very top of the topic and click the pencil at the right of the title… as if you wanted to edit it. Then change the category to “Desktop App Tech Support” and click the :ballot_box_with_check: button to confirm the change. That will move the entire topic.

Hola tengo un problema con mi aunthenticador como puedo hacer para que me lo solucionen? Resulta que vivía en Estados Unidos hasta hace poco, y ahora tengo otro numero de teléfono, y no puedo entrar a mi cuenta por que el autenticador me manda un código al numero de teléfono antiguo, necesito que me ayuden a solucionar ese problema donde puedo publicar mi problema o hablar con alguien de Blizzard para que me lo solucionen?