not closing fully

Starting a few weeks ago, don’t remember specifically when, the Battle(dot)net app stopped always closing fully when I hit the X in the upper corner. Under settings I still have it set to close the program when I hit X, but it only does it maybe half of the time. This problem showed up on both of my computers around the same time.

I know I can manually click the taskbar ^ to look at hidden icons, and close the app from there, but I have spent years never having to worry about that and frequently forget to, only to notice that things are downloading/running in the background later, or I am still receiving message notifications when I thought I’d closed out.

Not that big of a deal, just a probably unintended change I noticed after one of the more recent app updates.


I have the same issue. And for me it is a big deal I cannot miminise or close the window. Only through the mini taskbar. I have a new device…

Update: I’ve solved it by making the new Nvidia update (which was only 1 month old).