Battle. Net network down

I am not able to connect to diablo immortal or Battlenet app


It was really cool being kicked out of a game and then not being able to log back on. I really love what Blizzard has done. Super good people that are super duper smart!

same for me i got kicked out and then now i can’t connect

I am having the same issue

It was Putin! how else can you explain it…

Blizz got hacked. It’s all over.

I suspect what is happening is a DDOS attack on their servers. Haven’t seen one in a while but maybe some clown or group of clowns have a bug up their rear with Blizzard and are “flexing their muscles”.

Well those are not very funny clowns - they are the creepy kind :wink:

Having the same issue. Got a lot done on the game then bam, server kicked us out and now can’t connect to it again. Lost a lot of progress now since we cannot save at any point we choose online without exiting

Wait line is 50 minutes long. :robot:

Looks like we might have to actually go outside. I don’t know if I can handle this…

super awesome when it goes from 11 minutes in the queue back to 25 minutes. really love being forced to wait even longer for this blunder.

I can only log on for about an hour a day now I have to spend 15 minutes in que. Wait it’s only 5 min now. Wait 36…20…13…25 make up your mind

For some reason, im logged out of my own account, im typing the correct password and email, but its just not responding? what do i do

Has anyone been able to get into a match yet? Im able to log into and the game starts up but server cant seem to find a match??