Battle Net Friendlist is Down

Hey there my friendlist on iOS is Down
How do i g’et it back again

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Same here, mine went down about 3 days ago.
I have an iPhone 14 Plus and my ios is up to date.
Not sure what’s going on


We have seen a handful of reports of the mobile chat and friends list not loading over the last 72 hours. We are investigating this issue. It would be helpful to get everyone’s device model names. Along with any troubleshooting steps you may have already taken, plus if the below steps had any impact:

  1. Shut down the Mobile device. Power Cycle the home network’s modem and router to refresh the connection to all devices on the network and to the Internet Service Provider. Steps on how to do this can be found here. Once the internet is back online turn back on the device and retest.

  2. Toggle with Wi-Fi test on the cellular connection vs Wi-Fi any change? (If you visit a friend/family member’s house over the last few days does the issue continue at different locations?)

  3. If any of you have another cellular device in the phone like a tablet or different cellular device does the issue occur on multiple devices?

Thank you!

Same mine went down a couple of days ago, I have an iPhone 12 and my ios is up to date. Tried all the suggested troubleshooting suggested by support. Still not working, hope this gets fixed soon.

Same issue here, I have the iPhone 13 and it’s up to date and everything. Just suddenly the app stops loading and that issue occurred.

I have an IPhone 6s Plus but it is also happening on my up to date IPad, they both have the same problem, can’t see messages and friends but I can view the games tab of the app

Mine went down a few days ago as well. Only loads up a few of my friends on my list and I cant see chats. Also the load up time is CRAZY long and fails alot. Using a Google Pixel 6

Samsung S22Ultra exonys.
Cant see friends list.
On start, for a long time says connecting.

Iphone 11 ios is up to date
the app hasn’t been loading friends list or chats for 8 days


Update on this issue. Our team believes it maybe has been related to the load on our services during the Diablo IV beta. They are investigating the source of the problem and working to resolve it. If the issue has been fixed for you, let us know.

Thank you.

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Hi, my app is now working perfectly. Thank you for listening to the community! Thank you for fixing it!

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Hi Same here, still not fixed on my app’s end even tried all the steps posted above just to make sure, thank you for looking into this and keeping us updated, hopefully you’ll find a fix soon

Thank you very much, the mobile app now works on my phone :+1:


We pushed a hotfix last night that should help resolve this issue for any other players impacted. Please retest.

Thank you!

It was already fixed for me. I trued using it today and the same thing happened though. Not sure what to do now.

I have a problem with some of my friends not showing up on Android. Reinstall of the app nor phone reset fixes it. Think it started happening about 5 days ago.

Same issue friends list not showing and chat history gone

Some of my friends are missing on the phone app since the update. They still show up on pc though. I have an iPhone. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled and it’s still not fixed :rage:

Still not fixed on Android.

iPhone SE 2nd Generation, and my friends list and messages haven’t been displaying for the past couple of weeks. Uninstalled and reinstalled the app, restarted my phone, signed out and signed back in, played with the app settings, and it’s still empty.