Battle net (cr)app

For years I’ve been using bnet but 2 years ago I installedit under different directory then C. This caused slow download, often looping over and over for hours and only solution which worked was to restart (about 10 times) untill bnet will be fully updated.

I haven’t been playing for couple of months because of bnet problems so I moved to other applications/companies but I wanted to come back after Blizzcon. Unfortunately bnet didn’t work and been looping all the time so I decided to uninstall it and reinstall…maybe that would help.
Now I’m looking into “Updating Blizzard Agent” where installation should start after that however I left my PC for 12 hours and went to work…still it’s updating.

This app is a complete joke, even epic games which many people criticize is 100 times better (because it starts and updates). I have like 5 different apps for games and never experienced such a bad app.

I suggest people to forget about Blizzard until they’ll get fully working app which holds all your games…until then you won’t be able to play them - like me. It’s been waste of time and money (quite a lot tbh) because I hold almost all Blizz games.

i could be wrong, but i do seem to be able to launch games with out the bnet launcher.
and i think it may be a id10t error cause neither i nor an or my friends/family that use the bnet launcher in any other drive than c has any issues