client keeps resizing after every launch

I’ve been having this issue for several months - client keeps resizing every single time I launch the app. Even when I leave it maximized and close it entirely it always opens slightly smaller than max display resolution (1080p) and slightly moved below and to the side. And I have to maximize it again every time. its really annoying.

I have dual monitor setup, in case it might be a cause.
OS is Windows 10 latest live version 1903 build 18362.418 and all drivers up to date.


I love that you’ve not gotten a single reply on this with any ideas on a fix. I’m dealing with the same issue. Something as simple as this is a reason I’d stop using it all together as well.

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How come this has not received a single solution after 4 years and it still keeps happening.

It started resizing for myself when I connected a 4K TV via HDMI to my PC, in addition to my regular monitor (which is 5120x1440 resolution). If I disconnect the 4K TV, it won’t resize itself. But with the TV connected, the app will get way too large for a 1440p monitor, and won’t stay in smaller size if I resize it manually. Also the friends list collapses way too soon when it resizes itself to the 4K TV size.

TLDR; Resizing started after connecting additional monitor with a bigger resolution than main monitor.