Battle Desktop app is Invisible - Solution

Hello there!

If you are here, means your Desktop app is invisible, but you can still press the bottons on it. I will give you a possible way to solve it, fast so you can jump in to gaming in less than 30 seconds!

So, before we come in to do the process of fixing it i’m going to tell you what blizzard says the reasons are for this to happen which are not why this happened to me. Blizz says it may happen becouse of Corrupted Files or Out of date Drivers. In my particular case it happened becouse of one simple action that always breaks something in my PC, sometimes my PC will stop recognizing my headphones and will mess up my sound settings becouse of this and sometimes your battle net will go invisible, this is the wonderfull world of ‘Geforce Experience Drivers Update’.

If you Updated your drivers (like me) and had this problem the solution is quite simple, then again, I do not know the details. I am not a mastermind when it comes to PCs, I just know it fixed it.

. Go to the Down Right side of your screen and press the " ^ ", to open the running apps.
. Right click on the Battle.Net logo, and the second to last should be ‘Log Out’, Press it.
. Now again, same place, right click the logo and the last option should be ‘Quit’ (I’m guessing it is something around those lines, my game is in my native language, but its to option to quit the app). Closing the app through taskbar won’t fully close it, it will still be open on the " ^ ". So make sure to both Log out and Quit on the right down corner.
. Open the app again, Log In (if needed, might auto log in) and everything should be working just fine.

Quick tip. If this doesn’t work, contact blizzard, but that doesn’t mean you can’t play your games while waiting:
. Go again Down-right to the " ^ " Symbol (I’m sory, it has a name, but its in my native language, google translate says “show hidden icons”, might be, might not).
. Right Click Battle.NET icon. and on top of the window should be all Blizzard games. Just Left Click the game you want and… Like a withered man would say: “There it is boys”.

Hope I helped somebody.