Basic Functionality request!

Blizzard…please add the ability to hide, or only show INSTALLED games on the launcher. Every other store front has this. Steam has had this for over 10 years. Epic has this and doesn’t even have a shopping cart…your launcher is worse then a company’s that can’t be bothered to add a shopping cart…

I’ve seen this request multiple times over the years and it’s constantly ignored by you. This is a quick easy “win” for Blizzard with their fans…improve the launcher, straight copy Steam if you must:

Store tab = All the games available, ads galore (this is where ads belong)

Library tab = My games, and my games only. Give us the ability to show installed, or all or recent etc etc.

Garner a “win” some good will, make a snide comment about being better then Epics now. People will laugh and be happy with the launcher.

Please, and thank you.


I know, right? Steam even lets you hide games you own.