Barbarian and multiplayer PS5

Anyone else having an issue where barbarian gets stuck in their attacks and you can’t move/evade til the attack move has finished? I started when the season came out and I’m LVL 80, it’s been this way since the start. Despite this issue, barbarians been great. Its just getting noticeable the higher I go.
Also my hubby and I play together on ps5 and we have noticed alot of issues with drops. One player mainly gets all the top drops and the other misses out, it’s continuous throughout the game. So we have to chop and change between playing P1 and P2 just to make it slightly even, however it doesn’t always work. Eg: I would be P1 and only be getting all blues and greys (occasional yellows and very very rarely any legendary) and hubby would be P2 and getting uniques and legendaries and some yellows.
If you play 2 player on a console I can tell you it’s challenging! Especially with the traps but the traps have been a really fun addition for us. It got boring towards the end of last season just having the same dungeons over and over.
The screen needs a zoom out option though, especially as a 2 player. It’s not split screen so its been interesting :sweat_smile:


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