Banned on Diablo II for No reason

I seriously doubt that I will get a response from anyone considering that I can’t even submit a ticket to their so called “24/7” support, so I will post on here and MAYBE one someone will see it…

I was playing last night, and all this morning, then all of a sudden it wouldn’t allow me to log in, stuck on “Checking Versions” which I am assuming is some sort of ban. I do not use a VPN or anything so I don’t understand, so crazy I can’t even play a game that I’ve been playing for 20 freaking years for no reason…

i am having the same problem :frowning: happened to me yesterday as well.

Yep and im still not back on yet either

ya i can’t log on and no reply from a mod of any type, classic blizzard leaving everyone in the dark… what happened to this company. sigh.

Got sold off…they don’t care about us lol They dont make any money off a20 year old game, but want to restrict and ban people for no apparent reason…Blizz is garbage these days

I’m assuming I got a temp ban also. Have no idea why cause I literally just downloaded on 12/23/2020 and opened app to find out I can’t play diablo 2 but yet diablo 3 has no issues under the same account . . .

i had just got my sorc to a point where i want to farm more and was really grinding… halfway to 94

I have been playing offline for the last 5 years on banned CD keys (for no reason, I assume they were ripped and botted on), and was about to buy new keys to start playing online again but then I found this thread. Thank you all for saving me the disappointment of buying new keys just to get banned in a week for heavy grinding. I wish you could save me the heartache for a dead franchise. </3