Banned for using an autoclicker in a game full of bots

Anyone else get banned for using an autoclicker to cycle skills while farming scrap in Diablo Immortal? I installed it so i could continue to farm scrap while i took care of things around my house. Im an avid gamer but also a father and husband so i have to keep my priorities straight. Since the only class the can farm like that without a 3rd party app is a necromancer with his pets, i figured id try it so i could multitask batter with rl. In less than 24 hours my account was permanently banned, but my wife, who also plays, keeps showing me all these bots that have been in the game for months at paragon 799 to for gold. How is it that they can find and ban me immediately, without any prior warning, but cant seem to find and ban the accounts of gold farming bots that people are constantly reporting. Seriously, can someone explain to me the logic behind this?

You can’t have any addons that automatically do things for you in any of their games. The closest thing I can think of is Auctionator scans for WoW but you still have to be present to click accept every item and whatnot. Getting an autopilot addon is against ToS just like botting.

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Then why arent they banning the bots?

they do, the bots just recreate and go again.

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Crazy, they have an in game auto-spoon I see people using all the time to lock out bounty farm spots. Plat bots don’t get banned and now there’s even an elder rift bot para799 that is doubling as the plat bot in world chat… but you get a no warning perma ban in one day. I feel for you.

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Not just that but i cant even talk to anyone about it. I have been playing since launch, and never broke any rules. Why is the first offence immediate banning. Seems a bit harsh to not give people any chance at all to correct themselves.

It’s kind of wild that Blizzard and NetEase doesn’t at least give a warning to those who they purport are in breach of their ToS. Literally straight ban with no explanation and exceptions. At least give people a heads up who spent probably hundreds and thousands in the game.

Meanwhile, there are literally bot trains of 8-10 bots all with 799 paragon and two Lego gems all moving at the same time and using the same movement every night on server from elder rift to the blacksmith and then to market. It’s like clock work. Clearly botting yet I see them every night.

Similarly Necros can literally sit there with the right Lego gem, familiar and skill combo to idle farm all day and night. Poison DOT elites doesn’t matter cause borrowed time and savior skill makes them irrelevant. And many of the big whales do that on a daily basis.

The unequal enforcement, lack of warning and transparency on the underlying issue is truly disheartening.

[EDIT: Should ask yourself why should you spend any money in this game if Blizzard and NetEase can permanently ban you without any warning about a behavior they purport is violating their ToS at anytime even though similar behavior to achieve the same outcome is allowed ….]


This is a scam people. Nobody but Blizzard can help you regain account access. Never ever go to a website claiming it can.

Blizzard will NOT deal with anyone except the Account holder. No third party site can assist. Never ever give your account details or info to anyone except Blizzard. Blizzard will never ask you for your password either.

What are you talking about? No body is trying to get there account fixed using a random website. Did you even read the thread?

Yes I did read the thread. Please note I was responding to a poster named AlbertJohn1, as you can see at the top of my post window.

The post that person made was removed by Moderators for being a scam/breaking rules. My post is still here I assume, because they feel that warning people about such scams is a good thing.

As for the original topic, I don’t work for Blizzard so I have no insight into the Immortal bans. Any autoclickers are against the rules though, so you don’t want to do that. Yes, if you get caught you will get suspended or the account closed.

They tend to ban in waves, not ones and twos. The big criminal groups running the botting/cheating/RMT have thousands of accounts they have stolen from legit players, or run using stolen credentials/IDs of “customers”. The game is free so spinning up a new account is not difficult. Naming it the same is not difficult. Sadly, fighting botters is a never ending battle.

Don’t automate anything if you don’t want to risk a Blizzard account.

That makes more sense. Thank you for clarifying. Also, i understand all that about banning in waves and the never ending struggle. My issue is with the fact that i received a ban on my first offense without warning and my help tickets get the same pregenerated message that doesnt address my actual question. As someone who has played since release and been a loyal player to the whole diablo franchise, it is a little upsetting to be treated this way.