Ban TBC for just report

Keep in mind u can get banned without reason just on report from other player. They just banned my item lvl 123 tbc character without any reason. Now im not suspected for Hacking/Bots but for "An unauthorized third party program is defined as any third party software (including some Addons & any Input Broadcasting software) "

List of my addons to warn people
Deadly Boss Mods (DBM)
Details! Damage Meter
RCLootCouncil Classic
Threat Plates

Good luck

No, you can’t. They have to actually have reasonable proof in the Blizzard side log files and scans to penalize you. Chances of you being reported by another player for botting/hacking are actually low.

Hacking/botting is exactly what they penalized you for. If you automate anything, including spell rotations or boring tasks, it is against the rules. Blizzard can scan our game files and processes for cheating, and they do. This can include macros, or scripting used in addons.

If you feel there was an error made, you can appeal. False positives do happen. Appealing a Silence, Suspension, or Ban - Blizzard Support

I did nothing wrong. GMs just can’t admit they made mistake. Is it professional? Never used any illegal software. Please tell them to check game files finally. Because suspending account without investigation is just unprofessional.

MVPs are other players, not Blizzard staff. I can’t have someone there do anything at all. I can only offer you the info that is available on how the process works, and how to appeal.

They DID review your files though, at least on a cursory level. If you want another review you need to put in a ticket. They will never tell you exactly what software or addon you got banned for though. That would help the makers of cheat software refine their products and avoid detection. A cat and mouse game that goes on forever.

I’m sending tickets all the time. I done nothing wrong. Using add-ons which everyone is using. I’m 100 % sure they don’t checked game files just relying on other players report who probably wanted to delete competition in gold farm. That’s just sad. Lost hundreds of hours playing. Posting everywhere to make any action. Why GMs can’t admit they’re made mistake. Is it that hard? It’s your job!