Bad Support center experience

Remember when contacting blizzard support was so easy as clicking 1 thing and getting a reply back in a matter that you felt secure? Well those days are gone because overtime i try to explain my problem in the explanation box… it tells me sorry i don’t understand… but the little avatar at the bottom of the box says… in a quote bubble… “THANKS FOR YOUR FEEDBACK” or something like that… yes I’m here ranting because you/i can’t even get a CALL BACK or WEBCHAT support person at the times you ADVERTISE YOU ARE AVAILABLE… AND IF YOU EVEN TRY TO CALL THE BLIZZARD OFFICE… THEY TELL YOU TO GO TO THE WEBSITE TO REQUEST A CALL BACK OR WEBCHAT… I’m sorry but i think thats crap.


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I completely agree. I just want to be able to connect to Diablo 2 again but it just tells me to look online in the forums for help. I’ve found zero help and I think it would be better to speak to an actual person. I understand it can be hard with the amount of players connected to blizzard. I’m not using a VPN. Not doing any kind of shady playing. Just normal play on US EAST and now I can’t login even though my internet is working fine. People mentioned it could happen if you use a bot. I just started playing this game since like 2002 and i don’t even know wtf they are even talking about. Just let me play the game I paid for blizzard.

I have purchased COD MW and i start up the game and it says the game has not been purchased despite showing it has. I figured that’s fine, i will just contact support… like i do with any other gaming company and they get in touch.
Unfortunately you (Blizzard) have no real support network that i can see. Tickets wont be processed, despite my account being English it changes to Chinese, and i have to piggy back off someone else lobby post to actually get a post on the forum…
I did want a fix for my problem… i think now i want a refund!

Ragecage did you find out if it is an IP ban or a key ban?

IP ban. It’s temporary but Idk how long. It’s been almost a week now. Honestly I’m so disgusted that blizzard won’t do anything about this. Autobanned for doing nothing wrong. They said it can happen from using a VPN or using a business network. I was playing from home.

It happened to me aswell… and like I said if you are able to get into router settings follow my guide

Absolutely agree. They are horrible. I told them to call me. No calls yet. That 1 time i got called they said they were too busy playing video games to help me. They are horrible support.

blizzard sucks really bad and they refuse to fix any of these issues. PPL will end up just going back to free servers which in under 20-30 mins u have support. been playing since vanilla release years ago and still get no respect… this company needs to act like they care about us more by making us feel listed to and important.