B-net dosent show iam playing D2R / D3

Hello support team.
My b-net client dosent show that iam playing D2R. Two weeks ago or so it worked very well.
How comes?
I didnt change anything.

Continuation from the D2R EU forum thread: (cant post links, sorry)

Things i already did with the help of bluetext Dresiaron Customer Support:

  • asking my friends if they see what iam playing. Yes they do. Dosent matter if iam in the games or tabbed out
  • I deleted the battle.net cache and files too at c:\programdata
  • reinstalled the b-net app on C: and deleted all the folders named “Battle.net, Blizzard and Blizzard Entertainment” at Win+R - %APPDATA%, %LOCALAPPDATA%, %PROGRAMDATA% and %TEMP%

Nothing helped. My b-net app still dont showing me what iam playing when iam tabbing out of a game.

Greetings, Jux