B.net App does not show server that friends play on - Wow Classic


Good day everyone,
Wow classic launch was a success! Plenty of friends came back to play and we are very happy to relive our nostalgia.
So they decided to start a character on server X.
Then the next day, server X was full, so they created a character on server Y, Z, B, M, F, etc.
Basically, everyone i know is now spread everywhere on multiple servers.

When you look at your friends list on the BNet app, it only shows “wow classic” with no additional information.

My suggestion is that when you look at the friends list for WoW classic, it also says the Server name they are currently playing on and maybe the side they are on (Alliance-Horde).
I believe it could be great for returning players that want to join friends.
It does not matter if we dont see where they are in the world itself like on retail but it could also be a nice addition.

It does so for the retail version, so I was wondering why this was not added by default on the bnet app for wow classic.