Avoidable Que's (Classic Wrath)

Why should someone who has created characters on a server and leveled them to the max with friends be forced into 2 hour wait times? How hard is it to cancel character creation for anyone who doesnt have at least 1 non-transferred character 60+ already on the server. I pay for this game only to be forced out of the community I grew with. I shouldn’t have to be subject to a character transfer when we were here first. When does it end?!


I agree with you, we all work and have families, get home from work have to log for 4 hours before raid time, get kicked 2 hours later and then 4 hour queues is just insane, what are the devs or people working for blizzard doing? Nothing, they launch new content and dont expect people to come back? Cant even play for a week because de queues are so damn high and by the time we can log its sleep time