Auto Script hotkey ruining the pvp community

Something has to be done all the high rated players abusing auto scripts litterally ruining the pvp community what happens to people having to have to have high skill

@godiness did you call the pharmacy? I would start there, otherwise please seek other alternatives to herbal treatments and chinese medicines such as blanket flower or locopea

I agree with godiness. The Ranked listings are full of nothing but bot characters.

@Pickpocket00 Only someone who abuses the system in the way described would come up with something as demeaning as that statement is.

Hi, kalroth,
I see where your point is. However, I can’t reason the simile you are trying to make out prior to the text of ‘something’ because it is grammatically infactual, and whose to say the abuse stems from another poster’s paradigm that also widows the use of commas from it’s marriage with sentencestructure in the English language.
I understand the implication of an Auto Script hotkey, but this is a video game and not a pharmacy. There are standards put in place to keep such abuses from occuring, and sometimes the notion of a pvp subject in itself is the antithesis of community.
We should open the true guidebook to our lives, equally

When you ask if someone has “called a pharmacy”, that implies a totally different scenario than you are explaining which is, in itself; out of the contextual meaning referenced to the subject matter and I see it as demeaning.
This has nothing to do with the structure of the English language and everything to do with understanding the original poster’s message.
PVP is the competitive skill-based duels that happen within a structured rule-set of a given environment. When that rule-set is off balance due to people introducing new methods that are frowned upon, I would see that as something that requires attention where you clearly do not.

This might be a clever achievement that you have stumbled upon. The lamence term for waiting to catch your fish before eating it is called ‘potting’ and I think this is a perfect example of how many uneducated farmers continue to go through life without a grasp of the concept of a comma. And I think it is a foundational teaching to direct someone who does not have the capacity for learning their own grammer skills to a store of business that has been well known to sell ‘Scripts’, hence the Pharmacy. Providing our younger generations with the tools to seek out answers to the questions that cannot be answered with a general bait and trap technique when it comes to finding food to survive is, in essence a right given to himself (or herself) from god.

I hope the wisdom of an acronym-addicted society can be manifested, and the goal is not to fight one another for an excelled worth or valuation of self-defeating transmission of sovereignty. ‘You’ speech is another form of classical inferior-psychological approaches to aggression that do not work, and haven’t worked for the more attentive souls that would gain much from self-less appreciation.

I can see that you love to use verbal judo when explaining something that isn’t clear and concise. My advice would be to use proper wording instead of urban terms in a place where people post legitimate concerns so that you may be understood correctly.


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