Auto logged out, dont have authenticator now, no response

Ok, so i dropped my phone in the water and lost the authenticator so couldnt transfer it over. Since my computer was still logged in and on same ip i just figured id be good. Till i get somehow logged out on a computer that nobody else even knows the password to. Now blizzard wont respond to my ticket, i cant log into anything, i cant even turn off my autopay in accounts. Im at the end of my rope now with blizzard not caring about its people, they havent for years so why would they change now. My question is, do i have to just stop payment by way of bank to end this doomed affair. any suggestions out there for me? there is a way to request a temporary removal of authenticator, blizzard made the ticket diassapear. Even better, they told me they had responded to my ticket over email (since that has never changed)

when i clicked the link it asked me to log in to see the ticket and boom…hit me with authenticator again lol. Any advice would be helpful if you guys have it, cause blizzard dont.

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