Authenticator not removed after the 5th of January (?)

Hi, writing from another account since my main is blocked (oh so blocked). But on that account I received the following from Blizzard:

"Your account is still set up to use the legacy® Authenticator app, which will be retired on 5 January 2024. Download the new mobile app now and migrate your authenticator to avoid any issues logging in.

After migrating to the new app, you should remove the legacy authenticator app from your device.

If you don’t migrate, your authenticator will be removed from your account and you’ll no longer be protected or able to use the authenticator app to approve login requests. We’ll reset your password and send details on setting up a new password to your email address."

BUT, it is still active and I can of course not remove it manually. What to do know? I tried to have it removed last year but just got stuck in an infinite loop with support not helping at all, and when reading the forums this seems like standard reply? They ask you to provide info, you provide that info, and then support ask you again to provide info…rinse and repeat. But your account remains locked.

Does anyone know if they removed authenticator after the fifth for people still using the old one or not?

edit: to be clear, when I try to log in it is exactly as before the 5th, authenticator still there and I cannot even reset my password without it.

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The most common mistake people make when trying to get an old Auth removed is that they reply to the “do-not-reply” email. The way to provide the information is to open a new ticket, include the 1ST TICKET NUMBER, then provide the answers.

The old Auth will be removed in batches that started on Jan 5th. Yours will eventually be impacted if you can’t remove it yourself. You will probably also get a password reset which goes to your registered email. Or maybe something else?

At the worst, you would have to contact CS and prove you are the account holder to access it again. Just do not reply to the email, use a new ticket and reference the old ticket number, or numbers if you have multiple for the same issue.

…so the infinite loop he mentioned is real though.
It’s not just from replying to the noreply email.

I have a friend in pretty much the exact same situation. Hasn’t played for a couple years, and is trying to recover his account. he was also hoping they would just remove the authenticator after the 5th as they said in the warning email.

He answers the questions in a new ticket referencing the original ticket number like you suggest… And they reply in another noreply email… again… asking him to answer the same questions again. It’s nonsense.