Authenticator not able to load requests

I was having issues with logging in earlier this week due to the authenticator codes not being valid. Had to disable the authenticator, supposedly temporarely to be able to log back in to the client.

Every time I open the phone app ( not the authenticator one that is going out of service or whatever soon, that one just gives faulty codes atm), a message pops up with something along the lines of “Ops, something went wrong”, and when I open the authenticator page it fails to open requests or give any form of code that I would need to enable the authenticator again.

Is this a known issue? It happens on both my home wifi and cellular, with and without a vpn as I’ve been testing different options to re-enable it.

same here on iphone 15 ios 17.1.2, bnet app version 1.24.1 (7117)

edit: fixed by unhooking the old authenticator from the authenticator app, then re-adding it to the bnet app. hope this helps anyone!