Authenticator Issue & Login Issue (Found solution!)

Other people have reported this same issue. So this is a real problem, can someone look into this!

Have an issue with authenticator. I ended up removing it (even though I did not want to), because it wouldn’t let me login to, it would keep prompting the code to approve. I’d approve it on the authenticator app, and it would log me out again, and put me on a never ending loop. Login, authenticate, and log out.

So I removed it, now I can login, then I tried to login to my other account to report the problem or to call you folks. Other account doesn’t have authenticator. It would prompt for a security code to my email. I’d plug in the code, and it would do same thing, put me on a never ending loop and never log me in.

So I went back to my original account, removed the authenticator. Now I’m able to log back in to tell you, this is a huge problem. I’d like to put my authenticator back on, but at the same time, I would still like to be able to login to

Please response with an update on what we can do to resolve this?

This keeps happening to me too on the desktop client, I can login to the site interestingly-enough.

I believe I had similar experiences to what you wrote about. Issues with the mobile authenticator app combined with just trying to get into Battle Net to freaking play a SINGLE player campaign that doesn’t even require the internet to play (common sense - folks - heck there is a play-offline button on the sign-in page (at the very start of BNET launch) where you can choose to play offline. However, it speeds by so quickly that I don’t have the time to even get my mouse to the pull-down menu to click the button for play-offline mode. Dreadful.

Also, did I hear something legitimate recently regarding some kind of SC3 concept art or something? I flat out don’t believe it considering they seem to have left that arena long ago and don’t seem to care at all anymore about SC1/SC2 communities. So frustrating because another game besides SC1/SC2 has been around for so long with so much fanbase and players wanting more content, and more of well … ‘StarCraft Universe’ or ‘SU’ for short. I would be in a line camping out to obtain more real and legit content from Starcraft’s humanities and my biased favoritism.

I am having an issue with not being able to set-up an authenticator. I wonder if the root of the issues are the same.