Authenticator is now part of battlenet,

So I have received numerous messages telling me the authenticator is part of battle net so I jump thru numerous hoops to change my device only to find that I need to get a code from the now non existent authenticator to log into battlenet on my phone to get the code to log on on my pc. wtf??


i’m having the same issues

Stupidest process ever and it’s driving me insane

same problem here, except i was auto logged out somehow, how long did it take for your guys problem to get resolved? im going on 6 hours and counting…a lot of time in wow years

i had 1 my whole account went poof = if they want it thats not gonna save you and still waiting to get it back its like pulling teeth there was a artical 12 ways to beat a authenicator that wont save you Where Video Game Authentication Falls Short (And How Gamers Can Stay Safe)

I cannot believe such an integral part of the system, like this broken GD authenticator, remains this broken for this long? I cannot use it at all on my phone. I lost the battery in the key FOB, which I loved, and there’s no replacement option. So, I’ve spent 2 weeks trying to work with this broken authenticator, being locked out of my account, and having to have it removed, twice!

By the way, does Blizzard even look at or care about these posts or are we just complaining to ourselves?

I am not going to leave my account unprotected, and I’m losing interest in the broken crap that Activision and now Microsoft is putting out and doesn’t fix. The Diablo 4 release is a calamity! If this authenticator issue can’t be resolved, my 25 year relationship with Blizzard will be coming to an abrupt end very soon! WTF?

I’m in a weird loop with trying to get new authenticator working. I try to log in to new app. I have to use old authenticator to do it. It works after 2 or 3 tries but then simply logs me in to my account webpage (am I still on the app?) where I find nothing about switching over new authenticator.
If I back out. I do it all over again.

If my existing authenticator is removed, as the threatening email says, I’ll be demanding a refund and/or contacting my Attorney General.

I’m not giving Blizzard (Microsoft) access to my GOD DAMN PHONE just to be able to login. Blizzard and Microsoft know damn well exactly what they’re doing. Blatantly being abusive to worm their way into more user data. While MS uses TOTP extensively, and Blizzard’s existing authenticator uses it too.

The things I’d really like to say to and about the Execs that signed off on this probably can’t be posted here.

I did not purchase games under the auspice that Microsoft would come along one day and demand I install some proprietary application on my phone in order to access THE CONTENT I PAID FOR.

Support TOTP, don’t remove my authenticator, and stop being such arrogant, selfish, capital driven *********s.


I am having the same issue

For those with existing authenticators that they cannot remove you’ll need to open a ticket with Blizzard and provide government ID.

For those who want to use a third party authenticator like @toastiety that can also still be achieved (albeit with some effort) further description: