Authentication Pending then login error

So I got disconnected while playing… seems to be a feature of this beta.
I completely close out of game and
I login to and select Diablo IV Beta and hit play…
I fight the Login Queue boss for anywhere from 20 to 100 minutes…
Then it says Queued and that then say “Authentication Pending”
Then after 5 - 15 minutes of that screen is say “There was a problem logging in. Code 34203”

Not sure what to do at this point. Hoping they have a solution soon or I will never get to Level 20 to get my bonus items… very happy I paid extra for Beta access.

Anyone else stuck here like me?

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There’s an update on queues and server disconnects on the new D4 forums:

Also, you should use those forums for anything related to D4.

Hi, the issue still exists. I’m trying to connect all day and have the issue described here. I’m losing an opportunity to max my character and beat the world boss.

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