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I’m learning the WOW API and Addon development.
I would like to know if there is an API that I can know if an Auction item was sold or not and the price that was sold?

The WOW Auction API: /data/wow/connected-realm/{realmid}/auctions, returns the ID of the auction item, the item information, buyout / unit price, bid, quantity, and time left. However, I couldn’t find a field saying if the Auction item was sold, the price that was sold.

Someone could help me with this. Thank you.

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There is no API that will tell you if an item is sold or not. The items in the AH dump is just the auctions that were present at the time of the AH dump(usually every 60 minute).

So, how TSM shows the sold quantity?

It is getting from LUA API through an Addon, or is it checking the quantity on AH overtime and assume that the drop of quantity is a sold item (But could be that the auction item was cancelled)?

Someone knows how TSM get this information?

Thank you

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I do not know how they get it.
But my assumption would be that they leverage their TSM desktop client to get this kind of data. If you look at your TSM lua file, you will be able to see your personal sales history. Just like you can in-game with the addon.

I think WowUction had/has something similar, but I think that was a guestimate.

TSM is grabbing that data, without the user can unchoose to submit it.
They get it with the TSM Desktop App and upload sale data to their servers, thats how they can calculate the sell rate.

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