Auction House Data Fields


I’ve looked just about everywhere and I can not find out what a few of the fields in the AH response mean. I am hoping someone is able to help or at least point me in the right direction.

Here is an example auction record

  "buyout": 315660000,
  "id": 1932076389,
  "item": {
    "bonus_lists": [
    "context": 54,
    "id": 6513,
    "modifiers": [
        "type": 9,
        "value": 120
  "quantity": 1,
  "time_left": "LONG"

Can anyone tell me what the item.context value or the item.modifiers object mean?


Context is the “creation context” of the item when it was spawned. For example, context 1 would be a normal dungeon, 5 is a heroic raid, 11 is a quest reward, 14 is a vendor, 15 is from the black market auction house. I don’t have a full list of contexts for you. I’ve never needed to use item contexts with any of Blizzard’s APIs, I don’t know why they keep providing them (and without a lookup of what they should mean).

I don’t have a list of modifiers, either, but modifier type 9 tells you the player’s level when the item was looted, which can help with bonus tooltips sometimes.

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Thank so much. That really helps.

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Is there in general a better (or any…) documentation about the fields?
For exampe, there is the buyout field and the unit_price field. But never saw them together.
So I can only guess:

  • The unit_price field is the same like buyout but for quantity > 1?
  • Is there a field for the actual bid?
  • time_left is a ENUM with: SHORT, LONG, VERY_LONG?
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Auctions for commodities (anything that stacks) have a single unit_price, auctions that can’t stack (e.g. weapons/armor and pets) can have bid and buyout. You’ll notice that in-game you can’t set a bid price on commodity auctions.

I think time_left is still SHORT, MEDIUM, LONG, VERY_LONG to match in-game.


What do these stand for? SHORT, MEDIUM, LONG, VERY_LONG
As in the game there are only 12, 24 and 48 hours, I’m confused