Auction API outdated lots

Auction API return some outdated lots with medium/short duration time that no longer available and still continue to show them for several hours.
Some lots in json represent with zero quantity.

Heh, interesting.

EU Dragonmaw
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predict two weeks ah api shutdown for fixing

Blizz, please fix this!
Every service based on AH API show ridiculous low prices since really cheap items are bought almost instantly, but they stay in API data for a long time (maybe forever?).


Spectral Tiger Cub, most expensive pet is on sale on Argent Dawn EU for 35k over a 6 hours?
Come on, Blizzard. API data worth nothing if we get such errors.

Confirmed: cancelled auctions remain in data snapshots, duration unknown yet
Pending: sold auctions, too?

Here’s the log from my tests on US Bleeding Hollow today. All times are EST.

10:15am: added items 11203 at 412345.67g and 12720 at 876543.21g

11:00am: auctions 19662608 and 19665017 seen in snapshot 1579534639 from 10:37am
11:00am: cancelled auction for item 11203

11:40am: auctions 19662608 and 19665017 still seen in snapshot 1579538179 from 11:36am
11:40am: cancelled auction for item 12720
11:42am: created new auction for item 12720 at 888888.02g
11:45am: created auction for item 152543 at 25.25g

12:45pm: auctions 19662608 and 19665017 still in snapshot 1579541719 from 12:35pm
12:45pm: new auction 19690283 for item 12720 at 888888.02g seen in snapshot
12:45pm: new auction 19690489 for item 152543 at 25.25g seen in snapshot
12:55pm: cancelled all auctions. posted item 12720 at 888888.03g
12:56pm: posted item 152543 at 26.26g
12:56pm: cancelled item 12720. posted again at 888888.04g

1:46pm: downloaded snapshot 1579545259 from 1:34pm
1:46pm: all posted auctions, including all cancelled auctions, are still present:

  • 19662608: item 11203 at 412345.67g
  • 19665017: item 12720 at 876543.21g
  • 19690283: item 12720 at 888888.02g
  • 19690489: item 152543 at 25.25g
  • 19713846: item 12720 at 888888.03g <-- this was posted and cancelled between snapshots. this should never have been seen!
  • 19716121: item 12720 at 888888.04g
  • 19713955: item 152543 at 26.26g

maybe it’s an attempt from them to provide more info? this could be very useful

if an auction is returned with quantity = 0 (allowing to filter actual and old auctions) and they most importantly provide a way to know if it’s sold, expired or cancelled, then we could start making many interesting things

That would be interesting, but that’s not the case with what I’ve observed. Quantity remains at 1 even for removed auctions.

{"auc":19662608,"item":11203,"ownerRealm":"Bleeding Hollow","bid":0,"buyout":4123456700,"quantity":1,"timeLeft":"VERY_LONG","rand":0,"seed":0,"context":0},
{"auc":19665017,"item":12720,"ownerRealm":"Bleeding Hollow","bid":0,"buyout":8765432100,"quantity":1,"timeLeft":"VERY_LONG","rand":0,"seed":0,"context":0},
{"auc":19690283,"item":12720,"ownerRealm":"Bleeding Hollow","bid":0,"buyout":8888880200,"quantity":1,"timeLeft":"VERY_LONG","rand":0,"seed":0,"context":0},
{"auc":19690489,"item":152543,"ownerRealm":"Bleeding Hollow","bid":0,"buyout":252500,"quantity":1,"timeLeft":"VERY_LONG","rand":0,"seed":0,"context":0},
{"auc":19713846,"item":12720,"ownerRealm":"Bleeding Hollow","bid":0,"buyout":8888880300,"quantity":1,"timeLeft":"VERY_LONG","rand":0,"seed":0,"context":0},
{"auc":19713955,"item":152543,"ownerRealm":"Bleeding Hollow","bid":0,"buyout":262600,"quantity":1,"timeLeft":"VERY_LONG","rand":0,"seed":0,"context":0},
{"auc":19716121,"item":12720,"ownerRealm":"Bleeding Hollow","bid":0,"buyout":8888880400,"quantity":1,"timeLeft":"VERY_LONG","rand":0,"seed":0,"context":0},

There are a few auctions (fewer than a dozen across all realms when I last checked) which have quantity 0, but that’s probably a quirk of the commodities auction quantity adjustments they’re doing. There are also missing IDs between the latest auctions, so some unavailable auctions are getting filtered out of the snapshots, I’m just not sure which ones yet.

Snapshots keep bloating because of outdated auctions, +30% daily. Some snapshots are over 50mb. Every day we need more time to download and more resources to parse!
Blizzard, say something. For example “we aware, but it need more than 2 weeks to fix this”.

Issue remains after weekly reset.

2:31pm: downloaded snapshot 1579633759 from 2:09pm. snapshot is accurate to in-game.
2:32pm: cancelled 12720 at 888888.04g
  posted item 12720 at 888888.10g
  cancelled 12720 at 888888.10g
  posted item 12720 at 888888.11g
  posted item 12834 at 888888.20g

3:21pm: downloaded snapshot 1579637299 from 3:08pm.
  19716121: item 12720 at 888888.04g remains despite being cancelled
  20140140: item 12720 at 888888.10g remains despite being cancelled immediately after posting
  20140302: item 12720 at 888888.11g found as expected
  20140466: item 12834 at 888888.20g found as expected

It looks like sometime Blizzard manually flush inactive auctions, but after that snapshots keep filling with invalid data.

Thanks for the reports!

We’re investigating two issues with the Auction House API:

  1. Some auctions are returning with "quantity":0.
  2. Some auctions are appearing when they shouldn’t be.
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I have found more confusing example.
Realm: Buring Legion
File: 1580022790000.json
There is just no way 5 Anchor Weeds for 5 silver would stay up on AH for more than few seconds and i can observe this auction being active for more than few hours:

		"auc": 941838473,
		"item": 152510,
		"ownerRealm": "Burning Legion",
		"bid": 0,
		"buyout": 500,
		"quantity": 5,
		"timeLeft": "VERY_LONG",
		"rand": 0,
		"seed": 0,
		"context": 0

I’ve noticed something similar on draenor with Anchor weed and other herbs and some ores for 100 copper.

Also the realm’s auction data is 64MB. This is 6 times what it used to be after the AH fix.

Come on, Blizzard. Snapshots already 4 time larger than it should be, that means that 75% of it data is invalid!

We’ve tracked down the issue and are working on a fix. Thanks for bearing with us.


We’ve deployed a patch to the Auction House API to hotfix the following issues:

(1) auctions appearing with 0 quantity
(2) auctions appearing that are not currently on the auction house

Because realms update on an interval, this will take time to cycle to all realms. If you see any issues, let us know!


Sold items still present in snapshots…

Same for zero quantity…

Sold items still present in snapshots… Same for zero quantity…

They can do literally nothing with this information. You should include the region, realm, timestamp, and auction IDs which show the issue.