ATTN: Loyal blizzard gamers

Are we really allowing activision to add crash bandicot to our app… Please tell activision to go away with them pushing their garbage in our face… can someone set up a petition thingy so we can block this craziness crash 4 has nothing to do with battling

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Understand that Activision and Blizzard are lateral partners owned by the same parent company. It’s not an matter of Activision encroaching on Blizzard because they want to. It’s the parent company having its subsidiaries work together.

This is not new. The CoD games (and previously, Destiny 2) were added to Battlenet. And it seems that these types of collaborations are the direction the parent company is going.

I’m not saying everyone has to like it, just explaining how this is all coming to be.

Perfectly said, Leviathan.

I’m part of the 30 year Blizzard fan club. I’m not happy to see most Activision titles on But… that’s the way it is going to be. There’s not much we can do.

Boutta be 2004 up in the heezy lol – we should just tell them to pound sand by going back to launching by shortcut/icon with this idiotic redesign.