Atrocious Spacing On Shadowlands Launcher Art

The new Shadowlands launcher art is 80 percent hidden by the content items in the launcher.

The problem visually seems to be the massive amount of blank space between the drop-downs near the bottom of the window and the content boxes, which are near the upper middle. Then you match this with art that is literally just black at the bottom 75 percent of the image and only the top 25 percent is image. If you maximize the launcher window it gets a little better, with the bottom of the actual art only being 25 percent covered or so.

I might cut the black at the bottom of the image by 25 percent-ish AND move the boxes down towards the drop-downs so we can see the art and not have to maximize the launcher window to [almost be able to) do so. I’d also remove the black at the left of the actual image.