ASAP - Wrath Character Locked

Hello, I’ve had a ticket in for 6 days with no response and I don’t think that’s very fair for a paying customer.

6 days ago I decided to merge my 2 blizzard accounts. The GM told me there was some technical issues but market the ticket as resolved. Something went wrong though as my boosted warlock has been locked and it says the only way to unlock it is to boost the character again…which I obviously cannot do. My other characters on that account were fine so it’s something to do with the boost.

Could a customer support agent or someone at Blizzard PLEASE bring attention to this ASAP as it would honestly suck if I cannot play my main at the start of wrath because of something like this. Please contact me ASAP


This forum is for technical support on Blizzard Classic Games… legacy games such as Diablo II (2000).

The forums for WotLK are located with those of WoW… here:

That being said… ticket response time is a lot longer at the moment than it is normally; see this post: Is it normal for a ticket to stay open for 2.5~ days? - #2 by MissCheetah-1661 - Support Site Feedback - Blizzard Forums