ArmoryBot - WoWarmory discord bot (.NET Core / C#)

Hi All - I know there have been a number of iterations of WoW ArmoryBot for discord, so forgive me. As a self-learning project I made my own using .NET Core which has cross-platform support, and works with the current expansion. This is intended for people who want to self-host their discord bot, and will run this on their own computer ( I currently have this running on a Raspberry Pi).

You will need to register your own Discord Application (similar to the Blizzard API Access process). I do provide some basic instructions on my github page.

I want to give a shout out to JamesIves ( who inspired my work, and whose bot I used in previous expansions when it was still supported.

Also - feel free to use my work to help your own work/API learning.

Hello imerzan,
Really nice work, i’m trying to modify it a bit with my own need but i’m getting stuck.
How could i contact you ? :=)


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Feel free to open an issue on my git page, I can contact you directly from there :slight_smile: