Are you victim of reports? yes I am

Please give me some advise for once, to how protect myself against unjustified reports. For example: being reported for playing not the way some mad players expect you to play or just free reports because they are mad. Cause, i know they add-up and soon you get suspended automatically for one month and you have no power over it.

Record all of your games. Video evidence which counters a claim against you by even a large group of people should help. You might get a temporary suspension until the video evidence is reviewed and finds the claim against you false.

You’ll need a good system setup to play and record at the same time as well as the storage space for the videos.

That’s really all one person can do to protect themselves against two or more people that target one person who they dislike for whatever reason.

Don’t worry about it those reports mean nothing blizzard don’t care


Just to clarify some things, when you’re being reported for the kind of toxicity I just verified from this account, your best bet is actually to be nicer in game. You’re always welcome to appeal an action through tickets, but your most recent appeals appear to have been for abusive chat, and the actions on your account were correct. We do not tolerate toxic and abusive chat in Heroes of the Storm.

If reports are unjustified, typically they will be reviewed upon appeal and we’ll find that they’re unjustified and overturn the action. The reason that we did not overturn your last action were that they were justified, but that doesn’t mean that a game master may make a mistake in the future which might need an overturn.

The forums are not a good place to discuss action appeals. If you believe your account has been unjustly actioned, follow the appeals process for the game you are appealing the action for. We’re always happy to look into it.