Are items missing from the Item API?

Hi, I am trying to match auction snapshot data with their corresponding items.
However, I encountered few problems with various items when doing so.

Here is an example for realm Emeriss-EU:

auction_item = { time_left: "VERY_LONG", item: {id: 123865, context: 0}, id: 1549230396, buyout: 355298700, quantity: 1 }

but searching for item id 123865 with{my_access_token}

returns a 404 Not Found error.

The item in the previous example is Relic of Ursol and should therefore exist in the Item API (indeed, it is present in the Auction House API).

Is it a bug or am I doing something wrong?

I just came across this as well (with this exact item actually). Did you find anything else out about this?

edit: I experienced the issue today with items 123865, 123868, and 56055.

Unfortunately not.
For the moment I simply decided to create a new entry in my item database with the given id (123865 in this example) and a generic name value of Unknown and no values (or default reference values) for all other fields.