Arbitrary locks of accounts

So my problem is as followed:
I swapped my ISP to finally enjoy some 100 mbit gaming, two weeks later I was having problems, probably caused by this.
The problem is that I get arbitrarily “security-locked” out of my accounts every few days or so. Sometimes its that all of my accounts I logged on will get their passwords reset, one or two get banned or a combination of those (in total there have been 7 locked accounts of which I could only unlock 1 by the support)
Obviously I tried the “automatic unlocker” that prompts me with an email but it just says that it unlocked my account while in reality? it didnt.
I tried changing the password aswell as told by the email that followed the “security-lock” and? nothing…
I have to write ticket after ticket to get my accounts unlocked and I additionally made a ticket to ask why im in this limbo of “Account password reset/locked → ticket → be lucky to get it unlocked”

4 tickets have been answered with a bot-like message saying “its under investigation” and i still havent gotten them unbanned since 1.5 weeks even though they said they’d contact me back. (being ghosted by support lol)

Dont judge me for having many accounts but the recommendation of “put an authenticator on it” is not realistic with the amount of accounts I own. Why cant the feature learn that I am on a new ISP

Its getting annoying, please let me turn off this feature of “security” or help me solve it? like i had no problems before with my previous ISP