App not refreshing

Same screen has been on app for 3 days, not updating that people are online it is frozen in place. I’ve tried resetting the app and logging in and out and it’s still frozen. On my PS4 it’s accurate just not the app.


Yup. Also in-game notifications no longer work. Chat still works though. Started seeing this 3 days ago shortly after updating iPhone to 15.4.1.

My phone app has been this way for 3 days as well. Nothing seems to help. I have to log in just to see what’s going on in games.

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Im having the same issue on Android… Phone app is showing the same info for 3 days now and not refreshing… oddly enough if I try to change my Online/away status it will not show a visual change but it actually does change my activity state on bnet! Weird! I noticed the change after a galaxy update, other have said after an iOS update, so it seems theres something in common.

I’ve ever uninstalled and reinstalled several times, still not working. I have an iPhone. Updated that too

Same issue here. Showing my friends have been offline for 8 days. It also has my status set to “away” and won’t allow me to change it.

I have updated iOS, closed/reopen the app, reinstalled, and cleared my app data.

This is extremely annoying because I actually use the app to chat with friends all the time.

Seems to be working again on my iPhone 11 as of this morning (5/10/2022). Did nothing to get it working, looks like blizzard fixed it on their end. Player in game notification is working, my online presence and friend status is updating real time again. All is good :slight_smile:

I was able to get mine working by going to the Chat tab and selecting someone that I knew was online and sending them a message. It’s like it resynced the app for some reason.

Was there ever a solution for this? The app on my iPhone currently has this issue.

I am having the same issue here. App hasn’t updated people’s status in at least 3 days. IPhone 12 Pro Max everything updated