App Language affected by IP



As I have tried to resolve this issue in many ways myself, as well as the help from the amazing Customer and Technical Support Team, I have been advised to set up a report here.

The issue is that my BattleNet Client news or videos are displayed in a language that I haven’t picked. All my settings on PC Language, Display and Keyboard are set to English United States. All language settings on BattleNet App are set to English US. And my Login Region is Europe as my accounts are tied to it.

I have tried to uninstall the client, remove the datas from the AppData, ProgramData, Temp etc. After the re-install, the issue still existed.

The only reason for this to happen that I can think of is the IP restrictions by Blizzard. In due to my current residence, it picks the preferred local language. Which is actually highly annoying.

I’d be more than delighted to see this fixed.
Let me know if I can provide any further details on this.

Thanks in advance,