App goes to just background colour

I can run the app and it works but if I leave it for a while it goes to the background colour. I can right click on the taskbar and click settings and it opens up properly.
Windows 10, triple monitor setup all on a 1660Ti GPU.

I can drag the window and double click the top to go full screen. It’s only happened in the last few days (first noticed last night). If I close and reopen it works normally.

EDIT: To add why does the App reload the content every 2 minutes or so now?

Same here since 1-2 days ago. It keeps kind of ‘refreshing’ for lack of a better word. Then it will go to the solid blue, same as OP.

Reproducible steps -

  1. Have the Overwatch page open.
  2. Close
  3. Open
  4. Wait

It seems to be the Overwatch tab that is causing the issue. Sometimes going from another tab back to Overwatch fixes the issue, but not always. However if you don’t stay on the Overwatch tab it doesn’t ‘refresh’

I’m having the exact same issue with those same steps. Mine seems to start refreshing after about 5-10 seconds.

I’m having the exact same issue.

Battle Net “refreshes” every 10 seconds, and after about a few minutes it just hangs on a blank screen.

I can confirm it’s only happening on the Overwatch tab.

Unable to chat or do anything while on the Overwatch tab

Uploaded a video to show exactly what happens

Try this, it worked for me (everything else failed):

I’ll try once the OWL is on again this weekend. It seems to have fixed itself when some of the scrolling tabs disappeared.