App Beta Feedback - Customization

Hello. After using the beta app for a bit there’s something I would really like to request, and that’s the option to have the social tab back up at the top. Or even off to the sides. I always have open on my main screen to either launch games quickly or chat in social, and adding another thing I have to keep open and clog up my alt tab list is just really aggravating. My whole guild uses a voice community; and to have to keep a separate window open to leave voice/change channels is just burdensome imo.

Another feature I’d like to see added is the ability to order the friends sections on the right hand side. In the current system, my favorites always appear at the top, as they should, when I favorite someone I can set an additional sound when they get on, so it’s clear they are special and need to always be at the top, I care when my favorites are on no matter what game they are playing. I don’t think it needs to be the default, just an option to change the ordering for the user.

I would also really like to see an option to either disable or show smaller entries into the main field, especially lower down. In particular, the “across” section really reminds me of those terrible fully ad-supported websites with sister link sites at the bottom. If you want to have it on by default that’s fine but please let us turn it off. A lot of people just care about WoW or Diablo, and would rather not have our screen cluttered with Overwatch patch updates, especially if we don’t have the game purchased. People with limited system resources and bandwidth would also benefit from this feature from a performance standpoint.

Also: The option to automatically update games, even ones that you haven’t played in a while really needs to be brought back. I don’t play HOTS or Diablo every month, but I do still play them, I’d rather not have to hold up friends for 10-15 minutes while my game updates, and this is worse for the many people with subpar 25 Mbps or lower internet connections. We can already set throttles, there is no need to just not update games because you haven’t launched them recently, even if the setting is set to always keep up to date. Let your existing features be used if people want to save bandwidth. Don’t hinder everybody else.

All in all I’d just like to see more customization options for the interface. The features are all there, just some of them seem to be pushing various community content that I’d like to disable, or have relegated to a “community content” tab. So I can check in on them when I really want to. I have the app open on my primary monitor all day long, so I want to be able to customize it the way I want it to look.