[API] Missing Hearthstone cards


I’m working on a website that shows all Hearthstone (battleground) cards, including the golden version and other linked cards. I’ve noticed there are quite some cards missing. I’ve made a temporary page where you can view which cards are missing (the red ids), and on the right the card it is connected to (either upgradeId or companionId).

Missing cards overview can be found here:
hearthstoneharmonizer. com/missing

Some missing ids:
103653 (upgradeId/golden Annoy-o-Tron)
92426 (upgradeId/golden Cogwork Copter)
104879 (upgradeId/golden Hungry Snapjaw)
more through url above

Could these cards be added to the api’s at:
develop.battle. net/documentation/hearthstone/game-data-apis

Or can I find them elsewhere?