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Yesterday APIs started to return 429 (Too Many Requests) responses more than usual. Although I’ve disabled many services and making sure that I don’t exceed the rate limits after a brief amount of requests services return 429.

This issue is also validated by @Schiller on Blizzard API Dev Discord Server.

Waiting for your support, tyvm…


Confirming this is an issue I have experienced since yesterday also.

Took steps to reduce the number of service requests being made, no noticeable improvements.

The volume of requests are in the less than 100 per 5 minute range.


Same problem here. EU is the most problematic region in my case(SC2 API). Error distribution by region(approx): 70% EU, 20% US, and the rest is CN and KR.

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Yep, this’s really a major issue and APIs are unusable right now.

Waiting for response…


This should be resolved. See the response here:


Unfor. issue is still ongoing…

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Same here. Here are some fresh trace ids if it helps.

x-trace-traceid: a42a5942-4e97-303a-99f3-24bfc8b4c0ad
x-trace-spanid: 1697d29c-504a-e130-0156-fa165b360c58
x-trace-parentspanid: 1697d29c-504a-e0e0-0156-fa165b360c58

x-trace-traceid: 55104040-6af9-3458-8536-645905173c1d
x-trace-spanid: 1697d29c-504a-f730-0156-fa165b360c58
x-trace-parentspanid: 1697d29c-504a-f6e0-0156-fa165b360c58

x-trace-traceid: 8ac6fd65-9f9e-3867-a95c-18f96025c521
x-trace-spanid: 1697d296-db78-0b40-3f97-fa165bdb965a
x-trace-parentspanid: 1697d296-db78-0af0-3f97-fa165bdb965a

x-trace-traceid: 61894ada-9f93-3b4d-8bea-48ae50bc3869
x-trace-spanid: 1697d296-db78-2440-3f97-fa165bdb965a
x-trace-parentspanid: 1697d296-db78-23f0-3f97-fa165bdb965a

x-trace-traceid: 7a0ad267-5b9a-37fc-83ce-51b14675aa7a
x-trace-spanid: 1697d294-6ebc-ed70-5996-fa165a335e1a
x-trace-parentspanid: 1697d294-6ebc-ed20-5996-fa165a335e1a

x-trace-traceid: 3f43937b-6c26-3e7b-baf6-bba4beed3a4b
x-trace-spanid: 1697d29a-2d3d-3ac0-51ba-fa165bd3e93d
x-trace-parentspanid: 1697d29a-2d3d-3a70-51ba-fa165bd3e93d

x-trace-traceid: 8f52605b-2f98-3fc8-b9ad-0329c12ef967
x-trace-spanid: 1697d73e-26f0-a3d0-23ff-fa167a91feab
x-trace-parentspanid: 1697d73e-26f0-a380-23ff-fa167a91feab

x-trace-traceid: 5967c2e7-f6e5-3dfe-811c-49be9e916cd8
x-trace-spanid: 1697d73e-26f0-a500-23ff-fa167a91feab
x-trace-parentspanid: 1697d73e-26f0-a4b0-23ff-fa167a91feab

x-trace-traceid: 60ffe867-ab0a-3ab4-94f2-4df36c017505
x-trace-spanid: 1697d73e-26f0-a5d0-23ff-fa167a91feab
x-trace-parentspanid: 1697d73e-26f0-a580-23ff-fa167a91feab

Still ongoing issue, waiting for API changes…