Anyone have WC2 on GoG? If so

At the time of this post, can you log into Battlenet with the GoG version?

I ask because the Bliz version started having Battlenet issues about 5 hours ago. People can’t log in, nor can they create new accounts.

That makes it sound like it’s on Bliz’s end. One way to check is to see if the GoG version and log in and/or create new accounts.

I have tried from both sides. Neither works, unfortunately.

Okay, that points to a Bliz side problem.


I can log in from Gog only if i change the cdkey back to gog or a bne jewel case key using the key changer in the gog install or registry edit. The battlenet launcher key overwrites your changes if you try to use the launcher. So start the game using the gog launcher, gog desktop icon or gog folder exe , after you have changed your cdkey.

Ahh, this must be my issue then. I’ll try changing my CD Key.

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Hey all,

I was able to log back into Battlenet a couple hours ago. Is it working for you all again too?

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Nice…I will check tonight in about 10hrs

…9.5hrs later…

Checked just now. Works again! Thanks for keeping us updated Leviathan-1945.